The Queen of Everything

Moniquea Allen

Hey, there! I’m Moniquea (Mo) and I’m literally the Queen of Everything! I named this company LBE because I do a Little Bit of Everything. I help overwhelmed visionaries create sabbath margins in their business so they can scale.

Some people know exactly what they want out of life and make it their business to go do that one thing. I’m not one of those people! Let me explain…

I was born on the most beautiful Island in the world; J-A-M- JAMAICA! I grew up in Mt. Vernon, NY, went to college in Queens, NY, and graduated from seminary school in Nyack, NY. Yes…I went to seminary school!

I have a Bachelors degree in Administrative Studies and a Master’s degree in Old Testament Biblical Literature. Can we say 4 semesters of studying the Hebrew language?! I have certifications in Digital Marketing and Women’s Entrepreneurship. I literally do a Little Bit of Everything™!

I am a jack of all trades, and I’ve mastered the art of support. I ask the right questions that allow my clients to feel like they can grow as high as they like because “Mo is holding the ladder!” I’d be honored to hold yours too.

Client Reviews

I enjoy working with Mo. She is well organized, resourceful, efficient in her time, and reliable with her work ethic. She always figures out things independently and is passionate about what she does, What a blessing and an opportunity to work with her!
Ann Morgeson
Empowering Women Through Health & Wellness
Bringing LBE on has been so empowering. I'm given space to ideate and stretch without having to dilute the experience I create for my clients. I know how hiring asks us to stretch in energetic and financial ways. I also know it's worth it. Don't wait. Just make a list of all the things your business needs that aren't completely in your skill-set—and make the call.
Sarah Price
Neon Cardigan
Working with Mo has been an amazing change for my business. She stepped in and hit the ground running with the things I needed support with. She sent friendly reminders when I didn’t meet her deadlines which was perfect for me because that’s honestly what I need... someone that can help to keep me on track.
Lakeisha Payne
Bows & Knots