How a Desktop Computer Changed My Life

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You don't normally think about a desktop computer when discussing remote work. Read more about how a desktop computer changed my life!

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the go and chances are, you’re reading this article from your phone. The world of technology has brought us to a place where we can work remotely from home and take our work with us if we need to hit the road and go! We’ve been given the gift of convenience, so we usually choose what is convenient. I have experienced, however, that what’s convenient isn’t always best in the long run, which is why I purchased a desktop computer for my work office.

1. No need to transport between home and office/Lost in the Shuffle

Prior to getting the desktop, I had been transporting my laptop back and forth between my home and office. There have been times where I’ve accidentally left my laptop bag in the shuffle of multitasking while I head out the door. This is very stressful, as you can imagine because it throws off my entire schedule to have to backtrack for it. By having a computer in place at work and a laptop at home, I am able to make any necessary system changes or complete last-minute tasks for the evening knowing that my laptop is one less thing that I have to worry about collecting in the morning.

2. Clocking Out

In my field of work, I am repeatedly pulled in multiple directions so I use multiple devices: cell phone, laptop, and desktop computer in a separate office space. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages. As a remote worker and business owner, it is very easy to blur the line between work and life balance. With clients and staff needs that go beyond my set work hours, it is difficult to “clock out” and wind down. 

To combat this, I have given designated uses for each device. My cell phone and my laptop are for immediate access between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM, but admittedly, it’s been hard keeping those boundaries with myself. By making strict use of my office space, however, I find it easier to limit my work hours to the amount of time I spend at the desktop. When I step out of that office, I am officially off the clock, and let me tell you, it has been a game-changer.

3. Proper Posture

As I get older, I am paying attention to the new aches and pains in my body, specifically, my back. According to an article by ErgoPlus, the design of the laptop (specifically designed with the screen attached to the keyboard) forces users to stoop over. By using these ergonomically unfriendly devices, we are unwittingly trading good neck/head posture and wrist health for convenience. 

As a virtual worker, I tend to sit at my desk and stare at my computer for hours at a time depending upon the task. I have to remind myself to be mindful and take breaks to stretch my neck when I’m at my laptop versus when I’m at my desktop which is at my eye level. I want to age gracefully and work efficiently while I do so.

Desktop computers aren’t cheap, but anything that makes my life easier has my vote. I’m certain that for me, acquiring a desktop computer was the right choice. If you work remotely the way I do, you may want to consider the option as well. Ask yourself, “Is the outcome worth it in the long run?” And if, yes, do your research and get your hands on one today! You’ll thank me later. 

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