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Service Packages

I’m excited to begin this journey with you and hold your ladder™! The last step before we schedule your first Strategy Session is to make your first payment.

Choose the package that matches your selection in the proposal and contract you just signed. Your monthly payment will be made via PayPal subscription on the same day each month. Please contact if you have any questions.


You're doing all the things! It's difficult to be creative, scale, and manage the moving parts of a new venture or growing business. If you're an entrepreneur ready to take the steps necessary to document your processes, prioritize your never-ending to-do list or have someone responsible for your administrative tasks, this is the package for you. This package includes minimal outward-facing communications.


You've made some traction in your business and now you need someone supporting you by supporting your clients or vendors. This package includes managing your backend by supporting your client-facing email account and CRM. We are your customer relations team and can manage a variety of your systems. This package includes outward-facing communication.


You are kicking butts and taking names! You've got documented processes, a smooth-running CRM, a highly developed customer relations team, and now it's time to scale! It's time to prepare your business for automation! This package is for you if you need a dedicated Executive Assistant who supports you, as well as, a customer relations team managing your clients and systems. This package is a fully functioning administrative team...and the kitchen sink!