Why You Need More Than a VA

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Running a business can be both exciting and daunting when done alone, and with the right help, your business can be run seamlessly and efficiently. The question is, what does that help look like for you?

A lot of times we don’t get the proper help because we don’t know the depth of the help we’re missing, but allow me to inform you. There are typically three levels of support a business can get virtually. 

Virtual Assistant (VA)

VA’s usually offer a range of support. The most common being task management and social media support all afforded to you at an hourly rate. These things are great to have, but true business optimization comes from a higher level of administrative support. 

Executive Assistant

An executive assistant’s work is far more in depth and personal as they have access to a lot more of your personal information. Their tasks include taking memos and minutes, file organization, calendar maintenance, bookkeeping, billing and expenses, sending or receiving emails, office ordering, etc. which are charged at a flat rate. The extent of their work is much more extensive and invasive, but they are essential to the success of a business because their sole purpose is efficiency, which makes your life easier. 

Executive Administrator

One might think that the work of an executive assistant and that of an executive administrator is synonymous, but it’s not. Their list of tasks is extensive. While the assistant is scheduling the projects and meetings, the administrator is managing them. They also prioritize task lists and work time, update and monitor CRMS, coordinate several calendars, manage systems and processes, plan travel, do inbox management, and they could also manage your team members! This allows a person between you and the team so you’re not ever the bottleneck. Their services are also charged at a flat rate. Their work goes above and beyond the work of an administrative assistant and virtual assistant and they’re worth the investment.

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